We provide the warehouse management software and the services you need to implement it successfully. We are also happy to recommend and source wireless RF or voice equipment, computer hardware, peripherals and other specialist equipment (e.g. thermal label printers) needed for the solution.

The WMS will be installed on a central server, which must have adequate power to support the users and processes in your operation. For direct (PC) access you will need PC’s connected via network to the server. These will have ‘thin client’ software loaded at installation. We can provide the minimum specification for all equipment.

You’ll need to install a wireless network in your warehouse and any other area in which you wish to use mobile devices. Before installing the equipment the manufacturer or a specialist contractor will need to carry out a site survey to specify the equipment required for full wireless coverage.

We’ve worked with several different manufacturers for wireless mobile and voice equipment whom we are happy to recommend. Subject to any compatibility issues we’re also happy to work with your own preferred supplier.

In order to use some of its key features the WMS requires your warehouse racking to be properly labelled. If you plan to use location scanning these labels need to contain bar codes, while for any floor or block stack locations you may wish to consider other forms of location recognition. We can recommend a number of specialist contractors who provide these services.

The Empirica warehouse management system is based on the InterSystems Caché® embedded database, and does not require a separate database engine. Caché® is an industry standard, scalable, powerful database product. For more information visit the InterSystems website at www.intersystems.co.uk

This depends on your specific requirements, but can range from a few weeks to several months. If your requirements match standard software, the system can be working in a matter of weeks. If you need customisation or interfaces to other systems it may take longer, but these things don’t necessarily make the process more complex.

We provide a range of services designed to cover all aspects of implementation. These vary by project but can include analysis, software configuration, training, implementation support and project management. Not all these may apply but we’d expect to provide what’s needed to ensure your system deliver results as soon as possible.

Implementing a WMS will raise questions about how and why things are done, and some issues will need input from senior personnel during the project. We recommend you assign a project manager who can understand the key issues, and that senior operations and IT personnel are accessible throughout the project duration.

Empirica WMS has an integrated module which is used to create interfaces with your internal or external software applications. Any work required on your own or customer’s software will need to be undertaken by you or them. In most cases no other software is needed to design, create and manage the interfacing, but specialist middleware may occasionally be required.

Most data needed for the system can usually be captured and transferred electronically from your existing systems into Empirica WMS. There are some exceptions, where specific WMS data you don’t have is entered as a separate process, and ‘live’ stock data, which is captured in real time.

The Caché® database is an industry standard product so you can use any ODBC tool to extract and manipulate data. We’re happy to recommend and provide information on suitable products.

Empirica WMS has an additional module called Web-View which allows customers or remote workers to make enquires on live data via the Internet.

Excluding any hardware required, our proposal will consist of four main elements:

  1. Application software – the Empirica WMS and any related modules you need for your solution
  2. Database software – the InterSystems Caché® database application
  3. Software Support – an annual charge for both application and the database software licences
  4. Professional Services – the specialist services required to implement your WMS system

The application software is licensed by depot and concurrent user number. Licence fees are payable once only to reflect usage, with increments as more users or depots are added. Each concurrent user requires one application and one database licence, though some extra database licences are needed to support system background processes.

Our software support service is designed to deal with any problems or issues that arise with the software when used within your operation. The service is provided between 08.00am and 6.00pm weekdays excluding bank holidays. We also offer a range of out of hours support facilities, from occasional extended cover to full 24hours 7days a week 365days a year agreement.

We’re confident that the system we provide will bring clear measurable benefits to your organisation in accuracy, productivity, use of resources and operational discipline. These benefits will create efficiency, support business growth and help you maintain a genuine edge over your competitors.

Our business approach emphasizes customer and supplier partnership and on doing things the right way, to high professional standards. Honesty and integrity is the basis of our relationship, along with our 100% commitment to making your project a success.

We would like to visit your operation and discuss your needs in more detail. Then, or at a later stage we can provide a full demonstration of our system. If you feel the system is what you want we can make arrangements for you to visit an existing client site.

Yes, Empirica is regularly upgraded with enhanced features and functionality to reflect industry changes. Upgrades are not mandatory but are available to customers as required to suit operational need.

Empirica can be customised to meet any special requirements in your business. Many of our current clients have customised elements in their systems and in most cases upgrade compatibility is fully maintained.