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Our end to end portfolio of professional services is key to the successful outcome of your  WMS project and ensuring that efficiency and productivity are delivered to your  operation. Our professional  implementation team has the experience and skill to assist you in meeting this goal using our proven methodology. This includes process analysis and consultation, system design and configuration, project management, training, implementation and hardware technology assistance.

Our team will guide you carefully through each stage. Starting with analysis of your current operational process, our aim is to ensure a synergy between the system and your physical processes. We’ll work with you to determine the precise configuration model for your needs, before the template is thoroughly ‘road-tested’ using sample data. Following training sessions from  our product experts the system will be handed  to your internal team for user testing, and ultimately, live implementation.

We’ll assist in system preparation, including setting up the software and database on your hardware, and converting existing data for the final go-live process. Integration of specialised hardware and creation of application interfaces will be undertaken by specialist team members.  At go-live our key personnel will be on site with you to ensure successful take-on, while our ongoing project management will ensure the process is logical, smooth and  error free.

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