Successful implementation of your WMS system is only the start of your journey. The benefits you’ll gain are a foundation for continued efficient operation. As your business grows the benefits will multiply, providing even greater return on your initial investment. But over time your business model may change or develop, requiring you to review your methodology and practices.

Regular product upgrades can ensure your system moves with the direction of the marketplace. But what happens if the market isn’t where you are? What if you need specific functionality to deliver a competitive edge or meet unique customer demands? That’s when the right choice of WMS provider pays dividends.

Chess believes its ability to customise systems is a key business asset to its clients. This could be an occasional request for changes, or engagement in proactive regular development. Either way we’ll respond with an intelligent analysis of your needs and give you advice on how to achieve the best result. That’s what we understand by ongoing development. In simple terms, if your business is going places, then so should your system.

The Core Plus® architecture of the Empirica product range enables solutions built on standard products to maintain full upgrade capability, while also meeting the need for unique functionality. This has two advantages. First, by maintaining an upgrade friendly solution you won’t miss out on new releases, and second, the features which support your unique processes can be provided in a way that avoids core modification, reducing cost and preventing system instability.

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