Stock Management Software

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Keeping an accurate record and track of inventory is vital to business efficiency and the reason a superior choice of stock management software is vital.

Stock management is a skill set that requires a company to track and manage the different aspects of product inventory, including stock mixes and internal and external demands. The implementation of inventory management applications is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to control their stock more efficiently.

Most stock management applications give organisations a structured method of accounting for incoming and outgoing inventory. While capabilities vary, they are essentially designed to help the company manage its resources more effectively, reducing manual handling, eradicating human error where possible and saving the significant costs associated with manually managing stock. Software provided by Chess will streamline your stock control in several different ways:

  • Reducing your end-of-year stock write-offs.
  • Correcting inaccurate inventory counts, raising warehouse efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Improving workflow by helping you manage your stocks more effectively.

Chess Logistics Technology provides software systems designed to make stock management a much simpler process, helping to reduce time and cost. Our solutions are designed to allow you to track stock accurately with increased efficiency using a variety or technology including wireless mobile, voice and RFID leading ultimately to improved profitability. Ideal for businesses of all sizes it is already making a difference in warehouses, manufacturing and shipping centres and retail outlets and any business that buys, sells and handles products.

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