Voice communication is a simple, natural medium by which to convey instructions in a warehouse environment which can produce major efficiency improvements to deliver a rapid return on investment. Operations with a large labour force picking multi-item orders are likely to generate the most dynamic benefits including increased accuracy and productivity.

Voice directed instruction uses wireless network communications to send instructions from a WMS. The specialist voice software on a belt-worn device converts the instructions to voice commands and the user provides verbal responses, which the voice software then converts into messages to send back to the WMS.

Our Enabler application is a module of our market leading Empirica warehouse management system and delivers voice integration for ERP and WMS. It’s aimed at users who want real-time technology without major system development and integrates hardware and software with minimal customisation and no additional middleware.

Enabler automatically schedules your warehouse tasks by priority and proximity, working within definable rules, which determine where and how work can be done. It doesn’t require long, complex analysis and can be implemented rapidly to deliver a real-time solution within weeks.

We have worked extensively with voice solutions since their introduction and installed our solution in several high volume pick operations. As such we’ve seen the benefits realised by these operations first hand, including major increases in picking productivity – 20%-30% over manual methods – and accuracy well in excess of 99.9%.

In addition, the real-time communication process offers the ability to easily trap and resolve errors during operation. Task allocation is also continuous to ensure better use of manpower and equipment, reduce supervisory input and promote efficiency improvements.

Further information about our Empirica Enabler module, including a downloadable datasheet, is available here.