Our sister product, ProSKU now offers a mobile Android App to complement the cloud-hosted warehouse management system (WMS).

Developed specifically for Android devices, the App will empower your workforce to work accurately and efficiently in real time, raising your productivity and streamlining key operational activities.

The multi function App provides clear, intuitive processes to manage key warehouse activities, including:

  • Goods Receipt:
    Receipt recording for pre-advised and ad hoc deliveries with features to capture and scan multiple data and generate incoming goods labels.
  • Location Putaway:
    Features to handle system generated and user-selected location putaway with exception handling and putaway validation by check digit.
  • Pick Face Replenishment
    System driven replenishment either auto-assigned or user selected, with movement verification for product, rotation and batch continuity.
  • Picking Options:
    Extensive picking flexibility to suit varied methodologies including order, wave pick, cluster (P&P) and bulk pick/sort options.

The ProSKU mobile App brings multiple benefits to warehouse operations:

  • Intuitive screen processes present simple instructions for staff to complete warehouse tasks with speed and simplicity;
  • System assigned or user selected tasking options offer the flexibility to meet varied working practices;
  • Continuity of instruction creates productive workflow, improves staff utilisation and cuts supervisor intervention;
  • Verification by barcode scan guarantees accuracy when capturing location, product and serial number data;
  • Availability of multiple standard pick methodologies ensures optimum paperless order picking productivity.

ProSKU is a cloud-hosted WMS software solution that brings accuracy, efficiency and discipline to physical stock management. It provides the processes required to operate efficiently, and handles every aspect of stock and location management. Based on modern web technology, ProSKU is a powerful, reliable software application whose design benefits from over 25 years’ specialist experience.

For further information, please contact one of the team at ProSKU.