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Fast moving supply chain operations need a constant exchange of real time information to guarantee efficiency, responsiveness and performance. Mobile communications technology allows workers on the move to capture, record and transfer data in any situation.

Empirica Mobile is a framework for developing and hosting applications on the Windows Mobile platform.  It’s a self contained, hardware independent product which has everything needed to develop, run and maintain mobile applications. It uses advanced technology to manage business logic and communications, requires no complex version control for device updates and automates all data transmission and communications selection.

Empirica Mobile can use wired, Wi-Fi and all mobile telecommunication options. The PDA based message manager handles all transmission between device and host managing updates, data security, message priority and selectable communication path rules.

Whether you want a mobile solution to improve product or service delivery, download or update information remotely or generally increase the efficiency of your business, Empirica Mobile can provide the solution. It offers low deployment and annual running costs based on advanced design and technology, guaranteeing results and a rapid return on investment.

Electronic Delivery Information System (EDIS)

EDIS is a mobile delivery information solution which integrates real time data capture with advanced reporting systems.  Your delivery team can use PDA’s to record a range of information before, during and after a delivery run which updates host-based reporting systems. This means you can manage and monitor delivery activity, report exceptions and receive real time updates to improve operational performance and customer service.

EDIS incorporates barcode scanning, signature and image capture, GPS location and licence free mapping tools to assist in delivery verification, error trapping and monitoring delivery route status. EDIS connects your mobile delivery personnel in real time to improve delivery efficiency and streamline work practices. It gives visibility and traceability of movements and exceptions to reduce operating costs and meet exacting customer service standards.

For a list of system features download the Empirica EDIS Datasheet below.

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