Warehouse Voice Picking

Voice directed task instruction is a highly efficient method of work allocation which produces major gains in accuracy and productivity when used in the right environment. Operations with large picking teams and multi-item orders are those likely to generate the most dynamic benefits. 

Voice directed instruction also uses wireless network communications to send instructions from a WMS. The specialist voice software on a belt-worn device converts the instructions to voice commands to allow tasks to be performed. The user provides verbal responses which the voice software converts into messages to send back to the WMS.

The big advantage of voice directed instruction is that operatives can work ‘hands and eyes free’. For this reason, large gains in productivity and accuracy can be made in operations where multiple, repetitive tasks are performed. This makes any high volume pick operation a focal point for benefit, in which productivity gains can accrue rapidly where higher picker numbers are employed.

As with screen-based mobile computers, there are many benefits to using voice solutions. However the specific suitability of the technology for your operation should be considered on its own merits and the potential return on investment available.

Chess can implement voice directed technology as part of WMS implementation using the Task-RF module, or as a complementary technology to integrate with existing ERP or WMS solutions using the stand alone Enabler module. For further information please download the Enabler Datasheet below.

Chess has worked extensively with voice solutions since their introduction and the Empirica WMS voice solution is installed in several high volume pick operations. We’re well qualified to advise on the benefits of voice technology for your operation, as well as to deliver excellent working solutions.

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