Wireless Warehouse Operations

Wireless network capability in your warehouse enables you to use mobile computing devices to communicate directly, and in real time with your Empirica WMS. Using the advanced Task-RF module work tasks are automatically scheduled by the system, eliminating paperwork and PC input. This gives clear operational advantages over simple PC based operation and delivers major benefits in accuracy and productivity.

Handheld or vehicle-mount devices can be used to perform all warehouse tasks to gain the benefit of real time instruction, confirmation and exception handling. Devices are equipped with intuitive graphical interfaces (optionally touch screen) offering simple, efficient user processes. Automatic product identification using 1d or 2d barcode scanning, barcode movement verification and RFID identification are all standard functions of the Task-RF solution.


Task-RF is the real time module for Empirica WMS, and is compatible with all mainstream wireless communication technologies and mobile equipment.

Task-RF combines automated, priority-driven allocation with optional user task selection. Tasks can be allocated by area, type and skill-set, or selected directly by qualified staff. The task priority can be automated or adjusted manually for dynamic workload management. The system also has advanced mapping so tasks can be allocated by proximity (e.g. for dual cycling) to ensure efficient MHE and personnel use in specific areas.

Maximising work priority, task allocation and logical use of personnel and MHE will make your warehouse run at optimum efficiency and facilitate the highest levels of customer service.

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