Real time and historical WMS reporting

Excellent real time and historical information is key in all supply chain activities. Empirica products offer detailed standard reports and enquiries to meet both operational and strategic needs, while custom-design reports can be created using standard ODBC tools.

Both WMS and Task RF modules contain detailed standard stock and movement information, as well as a full transaction history. For live operational analysis, Empirica Dashboard is a reporting tool which uses graphical gadgets to monitor multiple real-time performance indicators and metrics.

Empirica KPI, aimed at contract and third party logistics operators facilitates measurement of customer service performance, reporting on activity areas like inbound and outbound handling, (OTIF) despatch performance, putaway, picking and loading.

Web accessible reports mean key WMS data can be viewed by customers, suppliers or mobile workers. A secure browser interface gives remote access to tailored reporting menus, with stock and transaction data, order, receipt and shipment information.


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